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Sex tips

How pleasurable sex is everyone can identify individually during the intercourse. These benefits are obvious but doctors have found out that sex is not only about the sexual intercourse itself. The wide range of benefits people derive from sex varies from physical to psychological improvements.
Sex leads good overall fitness, improves blood circulation, elongates your life, reduces stress level, brings relaxation, stabilizes immunity, reduces the risk of heart diseases, copes with depression, relieves pain, and ensures proper functioning of prostate and bladder. People who have regular sexual relationships do not have problems with teeth and develop a good sense of smell.

Foreplay is the thing that sex begins with. Therefore foreplay determines the flow of the upcoming intercourse. Foreplay performed properly results in better sexual satisfaction. The foreplay allows both partners to get prepared for a sexual intercourse. The male becomes ready to get an erection and the female become well lubricated. Foreplay gives time to get acquainted with the particularities of the partnerís body and realize what excites the partner most.

Foreplay usually consists of undressing, kissing, petting, oral sex and whatever you can invent. During the foreplay remember the following:
  • Do not presume anything about the woman. Do not try something extraordinary at first. If she wants something of the kind she will let you know. The problem is that you may have different opinion on what is pleasurable in sex and what is awful.
  • Be romantic! Kiss her, kiss her hair, hold her faceÖ
  • Create a proper atmosphere and the mood. Then carefully undress each other. Donít hurry.
  • Tonguing and French kisses work but be careful and do not push your tongue down her throat so deep that she chokes and suffocates.
  • Kiss her first. Your mood and desire can be transmitted through your kisses.
  • Neck, ears and shoulders are places where women like to be kissed. The flesh of arms and legs also deserve attention. And nibble her at everywhere!
  • Be close to each other. Women are very sensitive to touching, they love feeling manís body. She may seem shy but sheíll appreciate it.
  • Whisper pleasant things into her ears. She will be pleased to hear how much she inspires you, how beautiful she is how obsessed with her you are.
  • Touch different parts of her body to understand what she likes. Changes in her breathing indicate that you have touched the most sensitive places.
  • Women like cunnilingus. But donít hurt her and do it carefully.
  • Nipples are one of the most sensitive areas. Biting, chewing and suckling can turn on most women. Pay attention to the way she moans while you caressing her nipples.
  • While caressing her vagina use both hands. One hand is wiggling the vagina; the other one caresses her thighs, butt and breasts. Be careful about long nails and stubble that may cause discomfort to her.
  • Women love massages. Especially erotic. Warm scented oils will turn her on. Spend more time rubbing and massaging her lower back. Feet are another extremely sensitive area, feet massage will arise her desire.
  • Be careful during fellatio. Donít grab her and push into towards your scrotum.
  • Let her know when you are about to ejaculate. Some women do not want to swallow so give her a choice whether to do it or not. Donít cum into her face and hair.
  • Sex toys may be used but make sure she likes them too.
  • Prolonged foreplay must be accompanied with kissing and caressing which let her feel special.
Perfect in Bed How perfect you are in bed greatly depends on how much you practice. When you are doing your first steps do not be afraid of misfortunes and failures. Sex frequently flows without additional efforts and skills but to derive more pleasure from it you need to follow some recommendations and use some techniques. First of all relax and gain confidence.

Sex is performed by two people so itís crucial that both of you get pleasure and satisfaction. Do not be selfish and egocentric. Remember about your partner.
Feminine physiology differs from masculine physiology. As a result women can undergo multiple orgasms in shorter periods than men do. She will need more time to achieve a real deep orgasm than you so be patient.
The worst thing you can do is to grab the woman, enter her immediately, reach the orgasms and leave her ignorant about what actually has happened. She wonít experience any orgasm at all and will hardly want to continue relationships with you.
Donít hurry! If she wants you to proceed to more decisive actions she will let you know. If you canít guess what she needs ask her. In any case she will realize that you are trying to please her. Respond to her movements and intentions. Sex is a mutual intercourse and no one should feel alone during sexual activity.
After the act hug her and relax together. She will appreciate your efforts. Hold her gently; kiss to let her feel special, talk to her about intimate things that are not spoken about in public. All this will leave pleasant feelings about the sexual activity.

How to make her Orgasm
Donít forget that women are more likely to have multiple orgasms than men do. She will also need more time to turn on and reach the orgasm.

Her orgasm can be achieved in several ways
Clitoral massage guarantees orgasm for all women. Clitoral massage goes more smoothly if you lubricate your fingers with gel or cream.
Then find the right spot. Try different spots, when you touch the right one her moans will intensify.
Use different motions of the clitoral tip. Move it back and forth, upward and downward, vibrate it. But donít hurt her as the clitoral tip is the most sensitive part of her body.
The time to stop is when she stars shuddering. Donít treat pushing away as rejection. She pushes you away when you touch the right spot at the right time.

Stroking the orgasmic crescent
Orgasmic crescent consists of the clitoris a G-spot.
Stimulate the tip of the clitoris. Then find her G-Spot. Stimulated G-Spot makes the vagina bulge out. Insert 2 fingers inside the vagina and press the wall of the vagina.
Stroke the G-Spot with a wiggly motion.
If you stroke the G-Spot and the clitoris together she experiences an unexpected but strong orgasm.

Caressing the clitoral tip with your tongue can give her several successive orgasms. Continue stimulation till you feel that she has experienced several orgasms.

Vibrator intercourse
Vibrator combined with penis produce a great orgasm. Be careful when your use vibrator for clittage and stroke the G-spot with your penis or dildo at the same time as you make severely hurt her.

Clittage intercourse
Clittage intercourse produces orgasms both for male and female. First stimulate her clitoris with your fingers. Stroke the G-Spot with your penis to open the end of the vagina. After the penis has slipped into the vagina press it to achieve a powerful orgasm.

Actions forbidden during sexual intercourse
  • Donít speak about other women
  • Donít criticize her
  • Donít talk about your work, about troubles and necessities
  • Donít hurry her up and donít reproach her for the long time sheís taking
  • Donít ask her whether she has experienced orgasm
  • Donít fall asleep in several seconds
  • Donít rush into the shower just after you cum
  • Donít ask her to compare you with other guys
  • Donít make her do it in positions she finds unsuitable
  • Donít try anal sex until she agrees
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